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We've put together a teen "prom" for the homeschoolers
which took place on April 27th 2000 at the Prime Rib Restaurant
& the Coffee Friends coffee shop. Here I have put together a
collection of pictures that I took of that night. Just click on the
flower button beside the discription of the picture you would like
to view. Also If any of you that were there have pictures that you
would like to see on this page just email me and let me know.
Thanks- & Enjoy!

Joel & Marcus @ Coffee Friends

The first to arrive @ Prime Rib

Erica at her table @ Prime Rib

LeeAnn @ her table at Prime Rib

LeeAnn @ Coffee Friends

Marissa @ Prime Rib

Marissa @ Coffee Friends

Nikki's Table @ Prime Rib

Shannon, Marissa & LeeAnn

Lynna @ Coffee Friends

Sarah @ Coffee Friends

King & Queen Pictures

Vince's Table @ Prime Rib

Jessica's Table @ Prime Rib

Dawn @ Coffee Friends

Kati & Cara @ Coffee Friends

Getting Drinks @ Coffee Friends

Adult Table @ Prime Rib

Jesse's Table @ Prime Rib

Ryan's Table @ Prime Rib