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Christian Chat's

Christian Chat!: Cool Christian Teen Chat Room!

The Obadiah List: ICQ Christian Chat

Christian Extra's

Come Celebrate Jesus!

Best Of the Christian Web!: TONZ of Great Stuff For Christians!

Christian Links!: Lots of Christian Sites!

Jesus Loves You:

TBN's Christian Links!:
Bible Related Links: My Christian Friend Nathan's Page

Welcome To Me's Neet Page!: My Christian Friend Risa's Page!
The Dawg Pound: My Christian Friend Jeremy's Page!

Another Prayer: This is an AWESOME page!!!! Go see it!!!!!

I Love Jesus!: Great stuff For Believers!!

CrossWalk.Com: Ton's of advise, crafts, movie reviews, stuff for teens, college kids, adults children, games, activites and just about any other thing you can think of in a cool Christian atmosphere! - Check it out!

Christian Searches

Cross Search: Christian Search Engine!

Northern Lights Search: It's not a Christian Search, but it is a good one A very extensive search engine!

Ask Jeeve's!: Got a question? Ask Jeeves!

Christian Music Sites

All Star United
Audio Adrenaline
Big Tent Revival
Burlap to Cashmere
Caedmons Call
DC Talk
Five Iron Frenzy
Hokus Pick
The Insyderz
Jars Of Clay
Jennifer Knapp
Miss Angie
Seven Day Jesus
Shaded Red
Small Town Poets
Third Day
The W's
The Waiting
Third Day
Christian Music Super Site

Sixpence none the richer
Heather Miller
WOW 99

Christian Teen Sites

Christian Teens: Lots of stuff for Christian Teens

Christian Stuff for Christian Youth and Teens

Creation vrs. Evolution sites

The Evolution of Man Scientificly Disproved: Why Evolution CANT be true!

CSR: Creation Science Resources

Im not sure! But you need to see it!!!!: Creation Vrs Evolution, Dinosaurs in the Bible, the sign of the beast, the zodiac.. and many other things that are great for all christians to know!!