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God says is His Word, to "Go into all the World and preach the gospel" and what better way than to share your very *own* experiences with God and what He has done for you! People want to know that God is REAL, and they need to know that He is a God who cares about them and even there smallest needs, and that they can be met with God's loving Hands. I think personally that sharing testimonys is one of the best ways to plant a seed into someones life. What does it hurt? To let someone know about the miracles that God has done in your life! God also say's to "Let your light so shine before men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven". So let your light shine before all men! Share what God has done for you! If you have a testimony you would like to share.. send it to me!

Sharon's Story

Quite a few years ago I was in an auto accident and ruptured a disc in my neck which required surgery. After surgery I was left with a lot of pain and was not able to move my neck. The doctors said it was something I'd have to live with. I thought not!! After all, I knew Jesus, the Great Physician!

Shortly after that revival broke out at Brownsville Assembly of God church in Pensacola, Florida.....a revival that has been going on for over 3 years now. I was only a hour away and I felt in my spirit that I should go. Inside the church the atmosphere was so incredible! I cannot describe what it was like, only to say that I knew God was there.

I witnessed many manifestations of the Holy Spirit during the service, and as the message was ending the altar call was given. Hundreds of people were making their way to the altar while "Mercy Seat" was being sung. The Holy Spirit would not let me sit, trembling, tears running down my face, and an unexplainable warmth eveloping me, I made my way to the altar. This was my first experience feeling God's presence so strong and feeling His touch. With the hundreds of others I fell to the floor and received His blessings. After a period of time (I don't know how long!) I stood and thanked Jesus, then began to step over the others still on the floor. After the first step I knew something was different! I remembered hearing the words while "sleeping"....."Rise And Be Healed, In The Name Of Jesus".....I WAS HEALED!! I had no more pain and could move freely!! I witnessed many other miracles that night.....people being delivered from drugs, alcohol, souls being saved, and yes, more healings.
Let Jesus come into YOUR heart. He is the great physician, the healer, the Prince Of Peace! Pray my friends.....there is great power in prayer. Let Jesus make a difference in your life.
If Jesus is not the Lord of your life, I invite you right now to run to that "Mercy Seat" and accept Him as Lord and Savior of your life. I pray that God will speak to your heart and change your life.

Sharon has a web site! To see it - Click here

Terror To Testimony

I grew up in a house where there was little affection, and you went to church every Sunday, but you never asked questions about what you had heard in church, and you surely didn't question what was said there. I knew who Jesus was, but was never told that I should have a need for Him. Oddly enough, as a small child, Jesus was my invisable playmate!

As I got older I did what most kids do. I hung out with the wrong crowd, got in trouble (nothing too terrible), and thought that I not only knew EVERYTHING, but that my parents new NOTHING at all.

I had a group of people that I called friends, but when it came down to the line, they were nowhere to be found. If I were in trouble, it was my problem, and they wanted nothing to do with it at all until it passed, and then I would hear about how COOL it was that I had made it through something again.

I would get married too young, and have two kids with my abusive husband, and stick it out for 5 years before I would get out, jsut to watch the courts hand my boys over to my abusive Ex. After the divorce, I dated many guys, all of who didn't have what it was that I was searching for. But still I didn't have any need or want for Christ. He was just someone who died on a cross, came back from the dead, and we would celebrate His birthday December 25th of every year.

After the divorce, I took up drinking as a full time hobby, I didn't care too much about much of anything. I had stopped going to church all together, and I didn't think or feel as though I was missing very much.

Inside of two years I lost two fiance`s to auto accidents. These were men who DID in fact love me, and would do anything to help me. But when the second one would die saving my life, days after telling me that he would in fact die for me, That was when I started asking questions. I went to the church that I "knew" but they church didn't have any answers to my questions which made me wonder why I had come there with questions in the first place. I never went back there again.

I started asking friends about God and death, and all those questions I had for the "church". A friends mother sat down with me, handed me a bible, and as she would tell me what she knew and believed, she would have me look up the scripture she was talking about at the time. She said that I should never trust anyone to memory where the scriptures where concerned. I followed along and the answers were as clear as day, and the hurt that I was feeling wasn't as bad as it was before. I found myself looking at my life, and seeing that all this time I was looking for more than just the answers I couldn't get from a church. I had been looking for something else to fill another void in my life. I was lonely, depressed, angry, hurt, the list goes on and on!

At church one Sunday morning, I got hit with what felt like a ton of brick. I found that morning, that Jesus had been looking for me, and God had loved me all along. As the congregations sang "Just as I am, without one plea", I went forward and accepted Christ as my Savior. I cried and cried, the whole time. I felt like I had gotten a hug that I had been looking for 27 years. A few weeks later I would be baptized.

The Lord would give me a husband who truly loved me, and another son who I adore. He has blessed me with a nice home, wonderful pets, and REAL friends. But most of all, He gave me His love, His Son, His Forgiveness, His Grace, His Wisdom, His Peace, and so much more.

The whole time I was searching for "something", that "something" was right there in front of me. And now it will be there in front of me forever!

John 15:12-13 12 "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. 13 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. (NAS)

I believe that this is a VERY strong couple of verses. I believe that it is very true. I am also conviced that the last fiance` although not Christian, was used by my Lord, and was made to put feet to it to prove a point. Although I still miss this guy, I am so very thankful for the short time we shared together. He saved my life in more ways than one. And it's all the Lords doing!

To think that I am but DUST!! and He loves ME!!

My Miracle Story

I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus in Oct. 95; Antiphospholipid Syndrome in 1990. SLE and Antiphospholipd Syndrome are 2 separate conditions. I was also diagnosed with Schamberg's Disease in 1994. 60% of people with SLE go on to develop Lupus. All 3 syndromes/diseases are incurable and unpredictable. My last pregnancy triggered the development of SLE. . This is why I miscarried 4 babies (Junior, Christmas Eve 1980; Kimberly Melissa Aug. 25, 1987; Angel Winter Dawn, Christmas Day 1989; Ashley Brooke 9/3/95). We have no living children.

In early May, 1996, a large mass appeared behind my left knee. All summer I was seeing different doctors - no one knew what it was. In September, 1996, the doctors said there was a chance I had soft-tissue sarcoma in my leg. The pain I was having was caused by the mass beginning to cut off circulation in my leg and, being very deep, was pressing against nerves.

I wasn’t praying for a miracle cure. I asked God for strength and “Thy will be done.”

If it was cancer, I was not going to be able to take any chemo, radiation, or radical surgery. Because of my medical conditions, complications would probably kill me. If I didn't, I would die. We went for a whole week not knowing if I had cancer. Many people were praying for me.

I went for an MRI. During the test, I felt God's presence. I had my eyes shut the whole time and was listening to a tape of songs that included “How Great Thou Art” and “Turn, Turn, Turn” I felt someone adjusting my pants leg and place his hands on my knee. I felt a warmth from the top of my knee all the way through to the back (where the mass was). Imagine my surprise when I thought the nurse was adjusting my pants leg and then hearing her voice from a room behind me where she was monitoring the procedure! No one was there (except God).

Afterwards, I told my husband I KNEW I was healed. I was fine. I had a dream that night and told him about it the next morning. - I dreamed the nurse called and said “There is nothing wrong.” Later in the day, they called and said “There is nothing wrong.”

I got blood tests results back on Oct. 1, 1996 from a SLE and Antiphospholipid check to see how I was doing. In June they said I was borderline high and they wanted to keep an eye on me and to come back in 3 months. To make this short - I am completely healed. She said my tests came back normal. It's not that I'm in remission, the SLE and other is GONE. I was 5 min. on the phone with the nurse going over this with her to make sure I got this right. I said "you mean I'm in remission and it's still lurking in the background?" She said no, it's GONE. Me:"So I'm normal like you or anyone else?" And she said yes. I said "so SLE and the other isn't even a part of my vocabulary anymore?" Correct.

Praise God. I told her HE healed me. SLE and the other doesn't work this way, but God does. Once you have "it", that's it. You might be in remission, but it's not gone. If you were to have your blood tested for SLE, the norm. # for not having it is 0-12. My # was 5! I called up my Rheumatologist to tell him and see what he thought, etc. He's seen a few cases like this, but this is not usually how it goes. He said to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing.

I believe that the body, spirit, and mind are intimately connected. I also believe in miracles and the power of prayer. Let us encourage one another never to give up hope, no matter how impossible the situation may seem. Nothing is impossible with the Lord. And I'm living proof.

Update: March, 1998 God cured me of all my diseases on Oct. 1, 1996. Within 24 hours, my energy was restored (fatigue is common in these diseases). I am feeling terrific! My miracle story appeared in our local newspaper on Christmas Day 1996.

No Longer Alone

You know, sometimes I feel that my life is like a really .. long .. “ABC Sunday Night Movie.” You may laugh, but it’s true. You might even see a picture of my life under the word “dysfunctional” in the dictionary. But I’m also starting to believe that I might be in there under the word “grace” as well. The death of my father when I was 10, is where it seems to have begun. The 27 years since have included serious family issues, emotional abuse, neglect, an abortion in my teens, several suicide attempts and then I went on to an abusive ex-husband. In many respects, these problems were a result of difficult circumstances I endured as a child. On the other hand, my own choices along the way have led to the present situation of my life.

As a single parent, I have tried to provide some stability for my son Adam. I wanted to raise him to be a man, yet he has had no man in his life. At the tender age of 12, he started on a path of self-destruction. He started with small and petty things like shoplifting. His choices became more and more serious, and have now led to 4 felony charges and several misdemeanors. He is now 15.

In 1998, I filed for bankruptcy, as the legal fees mounted, and I couldn’t afford to pay bills. I lost my car, but was able to keep the house. Things continued to deteriorate with Adam. He began to sneak out at night, doing drugs and alcohol. I was afraid to sleep at most nights, fearing not only for Adam’s safety, but for my own as well.

For a short period of time in the fall of 1998, Adam stayed with my older brother. This was supposed to give us some breathing room for a few weeks, but it turned out to be the worst possible situation. Adam suffered sexual abuse by my brother. This obviously compounded the problems he already had. Unable to handle the consequences of the actions against my son, my brother took his own life three days before Thanksgiving, 1998. The rest of my family blames Adam, and me, for this tragedy. They refuse to acknowledge what my son has gone through. After this incident, Adam began to act out even more, was suspended from school two times, and finally was arrested for probation violation and taken into custody on October 23, 1998. He was taken to the Department of Youth Corrections ~ jail for teenagers.

This meant he would not be home for Christmas, as we awaited placement for him in a juvenile offender program. The holidays were tough. I had been thinking about the same time the year before. Along with my son at that time, I had a special person in my life. We had a dog, and a cat, a REAL family. Things were the best they had ever been for me. I had all the things I figured I needed to make my life complete. Then, a year later, I was alone at Christmas ~ for the first time ever. The boyfriend was gone ~ he took the dog. Adam was in jail. My family not speaking to me. I am not here to tell you that I came through everything okay and now I understand what God was doing. I am still struggling to understand why these things have happened in my life, and why things continue to happen.

Raised as a Lutheran and confirmed by the church at the age of 13, I never really felt like I had a personal relationship with the Lord. I have gone through life agonizing at every turn. In August of 1998, I walked through the doors at First Christian Church, and I felt something different than I had ever felt before. I felt home. I knew somehow, that I was where I belonged. I was saved on September 20, 1998.

If not for my relationship with Jesus Christ, I know I would not be here today. I would have succumbed to the pressure and taken my own life. I still think about that sometimes. But I would be letting Satan get the best of me. Instead, knowing that Christ loves me and desires what is best for me, I am confident that He will continue to take care of my son and me. At some point, I know that things will be okay. May not be tomorrow, or next week, or even next year, but these present circumstances will resolve. I believe this. In the mean time, I will continue to be thankful and draw my strength from Him. I am lucky enough now to know Christ and have Him in my life.

My hope is in Christ. I will continue to trust in Him, even in the darkest moments. I am thankful every day for those people who reached out to me with a hand, or a hug, saying, “It’ll be okay.” I believe that as well, and I believe Christ led me to know Him, and to have a personal relationship with Him. He opened my eyes, and my heart. Now I know I will never look back.

And with Christ in my life, I know I am never alone.

Shelter from a Flood

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I had just finished attending a chemistry lecture and was accompanying a female friend of mine to the sciences building. I had just met her recently (a few days ago in fact), but like any red-blooded male, I had ulterior motives on my mind, which extended past friendship. We started a conversation, and gradually, the topic switched to Christianity. She asked me if I knew what it was, and out of courtesy I asked her to explain. "It's about having a relationship with God" she replied. " A relationship with God?" I thought to myself, "are you nuts?" Having endured some painful and horrific moments in my past, I had strongly doubted the existence of such a God. I thought to myself, "if there is a God, how come he wasn't there when I needed him?" I tried making other excuses as well, so I could get my mind off the topic, but they weren't quite satisfying enough. I then thought to my past, to try putting an end to this nonsense.

Growing up, I faced an extremely difficult childhood. At the age of 11, my father had passed away after a lengthy bout with lung cancer. It was the biggest shock of my life. His death brought me much pain and suffering, and left a great void in my life. I was full of anger and loneliness, but didn't know quite how to deal with it.

The following years didn't bode much better either. Not having the support and guidance of my father, I tried learning how to become a man on my own. I dealt with my frustration by getting into fights and altercations. In high school, I landed with a group of friends, which got me involved with selling and using drugs, drinking alcohol, and other gang activities. The "holes" in my life felt patched up, or so I thought.

One night, we encountered a group of teenagers and began arguing. One thing led to another, and a fight emerged. About thirty people attacked my group of five friends, leaving us severely beaten and cut. We became so enraged and furious, that revenge was the only thing on our minds. We carried that vengeance with us and retaliated a month later, by beating on a member of that rival group. His injuries were so severe that he was hospitalized for a week. I had thought that revenge would make me feel better, but in fact it made matters worse.

My mother, sensing the recent chain of events, became upset with my behavior. My class attendance became sporadic, resulting in poor grades. I started partying and pulling all niters so I could get drunk and hang out with my friends. I was living on my own set of rules and I didn't seem care about anything else. As a result of my behavior, I became a nuisance to my family and others around me. One night, my mother got so frustrated with my behavior, she confronted me and told me that I was a useless failure. She said I embarrassed her and that I was a disgrace to the family. I was filled with so much anger and rage, that I threw her to the ground, ran away from home, and vowed never to return.

I consider that night to be the lowest point of my life. That night, I was flooded with all the pain and emotions I tried to bury over the years. I had realized how much of a burden I had been, and the fact my life was headed nowhere. Never before in my life had I felt so alone. All night long I cried. I held a knife in my hand the whole time, with the thought of taking my life crossing my mind several times over. All I wanted was to escape all the pain and emptiness that I was feeling. But something held me back. I wasn't sure what it was, but I gathered myself together and vowed to redeem myself.

The next few months I spent trying to straighten out my life again. I made amends with my family and focused my energy into being a "good boy". I transferred schools, made a new group of friends and concentrated intently on schoolwork. I had realized that academics was the best way to secure my future… and for a while, it seemed to work. My efforts had earned me acceptance into the school of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University, the highest achievement I had earned. It would appear that I had achieved exactly what I had set in mind, I had turned my life around, and I began to see that I was heading somewhere.

This brings me back to the conversation with my friend. Believe in God, you say? Not after what I've been through. "Where was he when I needed him?" I thought. I had strongly felt that if there was a God, that he abandoned me in my greatest time of need. After all, it wasn't him that triggered my turnaround and got my life together, it was me and me alone.

The next few weeks, things seemed to turn for the worse. I began struggling in schoolwork, and in relationships with my friends. My past achievements didn't seem so significant anymore. Once again, I was unsure of my future. All I could think of was that sentence my friend said… about a relationship with God. I had felt so lost, that I decided to explore what little curiosity I had about God. I figured I owed it to myself, to find out for sure.

Despite my stubbornness and skeptical views, I began to read the bible, and started attending church with a Christian friend I had made. Over the duration of three months, God began to reveal himself to me. I began to feel his presence, through scripture, through the people around me, and most of all, through his love. Because of that, I sought after his love and affection. I began to think that maybe it is possible to have a relationship with God. But the more I searched for him, the more I felt how empty my life really was. I realized that there still existed a void in my life. My past achievements couldn't fill the emptiness I felt, not anymore.

I joined a campus bible study and learned about the life of Jesus Christ. I learned that Jesus was the only way to have a relationship with God, one which I so longed for. Despite feeling the presence of God around me, I remained scared. I still remained doubtful and unsure. But continued attending church in hope of some sort of miracle.

On February 23, 1998, after the church service, I felt God prompting me to receive some group prayer. I revealed to my church pastor (Calvin Weber), all of the inner struggles I had been having and he offered me a piece of advice. He told me " you can't miss something that's right in front of you", and continued to pray with me. Later on that night, during my own prayer, I thought about what he had said and it suddenly became clear. Jesus was with me the whole time. He was there during all the hard times, and especially when I needed him the most. I then knew that it was Jesus that held me back when I wanted to take my own life. That night, I invited Jesus Christ into my life to become my lord and savior. Immediately, he filled the void in my life and healed all the wounds I suffered. That night had finally felt at peace with myself, as Lord Jesus made my life new again.

My life hasn't been perfect since I came to Christ. I still have my struggles, and I still feel lonely sometimes. But God has changed me in so many ways, I couldn't begin to start telling you. The biggest difference I see in my life, before and after Christ, is that now I can't imagine living life without him. I never knew what love truly was, until Jesus came into my life. And his love remains, as always, despite all my flaws and mistakes. Jesus Christ had saved me, and for that, I'll love him with all my heart and soul, until the end of time.

Leaning On Him Daily

I would like to share how I came to lean on the Lord daily. I am a single mother with one percious 10 year old, blessed little boy. I will introduce him as Craig.

My experience begin on what began another ordinary day. I woke-up early to ready myself for another day at work. As I left my home my son was laying in his bed as peaceful as a new born babe, curled up in a small little ball. He was sleeping so peacefully I hadn't the heart to touch him or even kiss him good-bye. The sitter arrived; off to work I went taking for granted that I would kiss him when I get home that evening.

It was in the afternoon hours when the phone rang at my desk. I answered and a soft puling young voice said to me."Aunt Bobbie, you need to come home. Craig's been hit by a car." He's not moving please come home." I couldn't believe it.

I hung the phone up still trying to rationalize the words spoken to me over the phone. My child, my baby these word swirl in my head. I rush to my home to see traffic lined up. I ran from my car to the flashing lights of the ambulance were they were loading by child into the back. One of the Parametics called to me "Are the Mother?, Are you the Mother?" I had seen the most terrible sight a Mother could ever imagine. "Yes, I am his Mother" as I dropped to the ground crying and praying "Please, God save my baby, Oh Please!" Hours seem to passed endlessly with no words from the Doctors; no reassurance. Finally, I received word from one of the Physicians on the Trauma Team to go the Pediactic ICU. There I met with several Physicians. They each explained the seriousness of Craigs injuries. Everything at that moment seemed so uncertain and hopeless; until my sister said "Pray without ceasing. God will hear your prayers."

Several days had gone by. I missed Craig. Yes, he was there in that bed next me as I sat there holding his almost lifeless hand. I could touch him, sing to him. But, he was in a coma. As I sat through those hours of despair, crying and praying and claiming my childs healing. It was early in the morning a hours and it had been four days since the accident. Time seem to be passing without any change in Craig's condiction except to for worst. Then I prayed and I said "Please Lord send your Holy Spirit to heal my child." Almost immediately I felt the Lords presence with me. It calmed me and I for the first time assurance and knew with ALL my heart that Lord will heal my Son.

Two days later Craig became conscious and a week later we left for a rehab Hospital; nearly five hours away from our home. Our family and friends whose who had allowed me to lean on them for strength. Several days went by and then weeks. Craig and I began to miss home. We were alone, both scared and tired. Becoming more frustrated with day to day therapy schedules.

During one session I left Craig with the therapist and went to the room our room. My heart weighed heavy and my strength had weaken and my faith failing. I begin to cry. I thought to myself. How can I keep up this strong front without someone to lean on. This took me back to conver-sation I had several months before the accident with my sister. I was complimenting her for always leaning on the Lord throught both good and bad times. I had commented "How come I can't seem to never lean on him during the bad times." I just can find away to leave it with the HIM. That day I prayed and said "Lord, I won't ask why this has happened. But, there is one thing for certain that I have learned from all of this. It is how to lean on you. I know you will be my strength. It will be four months on Nov. 29th since those frightenful days there in the PICU and the Rehab. Hostipal. We are home. Our lives a have changed, but we have the Lord to lean on Daily.

A Dollar For Gods Work

The solenoid switch on my car had broken, and I was left with no choice but to walk.I had a burning desire to tell everyonr I could about the upcoming revival that was to be held at our church.The evangelist, a Holy Ghost filled Cherokee Indian from Waycross, Georgia had been preaching the gospel for over 40 years. I've personally seen the gift of knowledge operate tremendously in his meetings, so needless to say I was very excited about the moving of God's Spirit in this revival! I lived about 10 miles from town, it was summer and the sun was extremely hot. Nonetheless, I began my venture walking towards town with a flyer containing information about the revival in hand, and absolutely no money in my pocket. After about 15 or 20 minutes of walking, I was incredibly thirsty. I continued walking and praying and praising the name of Jesus. I was determined, even if I had to walk to town, that I would witness for Jesus and invite someone to our revival! While walking, I found various objects that had been lost by the roadside, such as a knife and small tools. After about five miles I had also found about 42 cents, so, a certain question arose in my mind concerning the dryness of my throat but the desire in my heart was far greater than my thirst. With tears forming in my eyes,I said "Lord, I'm going to take this 42 cents and make as many copies of my flyer as I can, and then I am going to find someone to give them to! At that very moment,God spoke to my heart and said,"I'm going to give you a dollar"!Immediately my eyes focused on the road ahead, expecting to find the dollar that God promised me. I walked about 15 steps when I was unexpectantly suprised by a voice which said "Hey buddy, How would you like to make a dollar?". A Department Of Transportation employee was struggling with a road sign and needed assistance in order to set it properly. I said "Sure". As I held the sign I remember tears forming a stream and running into the lense of my sunglasses. I witnessed of Jesus and invited him to ou! r revival. As I walked away, I told him I would use the dollar to make copies of my revival flyer. The man looked at me with a look I cannot explain, and said to me "Thank you". I walked about a half of a mile praising God for this awesome miracle. I knew God was pleased with my intentions. About that time the Department Of Transportation employee drove by and then turned around. With a look I'll never forget, he stated once again "Thank you". I walked into town and made my copies and handed them out all over, including the hospital. I prayed and said "Please let me see the fruit of my labor, send someone to our revival"! A few days later during the revival, I turned and looking over the crowd I noticed a sweet little lady I had witnessed to slip her hand into the air and with a beautiful smile wave at me. She was a backslider. I cannot explain the joy as God's Spirit overwhelmed me. I just sat and sobbed. Later that week, an elderly man I had witnessed to during my visit to the hospital contacted me and ask if I would come to his home and pray for his wife who was very sick. I accepted the invitation and traveled to his home. After joining hands and praying, his wife received strength from God and was smiling and laughing when I left. You see, NO WORK THAT YOU DO FOR GOD IS EVER IN VAIN!

N. Priseman
Hi I am a Youth Worker at Stony Stratford Baptist Church. When I became a Christian I noticed how well the children were looked after in our church. But I kept on thinking what about the Kids who have not been lucky enough to have Christian Parents and only know the name Jesus as a swear word, what about them? It seemed that the Bible kept saying to go out and tell the lost about Jesus, but was that happening? Also that children are so precious to God, why are we not catering to all those children who are in so need of God? I felt that God was consistantly speaking to me about these Children and a vision was birthed inside me. I now concentrate on Children aged 6-12 and it seems that God has blessed the work beyond what I could have ever wished. More and more people are capturing my vision and as a result we are targeting Council Estates around Milton Keynes welcoming many children into our Sunday School and have even recently set up events on the Estate. Can I encourage anyone who is thinking of working with Non-Church Children, to just simply make that first step and make that vision happen. I promise that God will not let you down!!